Clear Cure Goo

19 Sep

The way I stumbled across Clear Cure Goo wasn’t even related to fly tying, or fishing for that matter.  I was actually searching for an epoxy to use for a physics project that would cure virtually instantly to use in attaching my “fins” to the water bottle.  Yes, a physics project.  Probably the most basic of physics projects, but still a physics project.  It was the 2 liter bottle water rocket project that most people do in their first physics class. Needless to say I ordered a Clear Cure Goo Kit from Brian.

The rocket actually took on a very different design from other rockets.  Instead of using traditional fins, that people would recognize, I used a ring fin design.  The most difficult aspect of constructing a rocket is attaching the fins.  It is critical to maintain alignment while the adhesive set in order to ensure stable flight.  That’s why Clear Cure Goo worked so well, within seconds of hitting the Goo with the UV Light it was set, and the fins weren’t moving.  It goes without saying “The Ringer” rocket won!

Since Clear Cure Goo worked so well for the rocket construction I couldn’t wait to try it out on some flies.  The first flies I tied using Clear Cure Goo were hard body ants, much like the one in the video below. I have since tied a handful of patterns using Clear Cure Goo.  It was a no brainer when I started sourcing materials for the assembly of MooseKnuckle Lanyards.  I needed an epoxy for a few different applications in the manufacturing of the fishing lanyard.  The first place I headed was my tying table, Clear Cure Goo!  Not only did Clear Cure Goo work perfectly for what I needed, but Brian was a tremendous help.  Clear Cure Goo has performed flawless in every application I have used it for.  Lucky for us Brian has several different variations of the Goo available, everything from Thick, Thin, Brushable, Flex, Fleck, to Hydro.

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