CDC Split Wing BWO #21

02 Oct

After yesterday’s trip it’s time to start thinking about restocking blue wing olives. I’m going to be adding the normal comparadun’s, loop wing’s, & sparkle duns for blue wing season. I’ve been thinking about a pattern I had seen somewhere with split wing cdc. This was my first go at it.
. This is a fly pattern that at first look makes me think will work for some discerning fish. The olives we have here in East TN are quite small #20-28’s. For this pattern I’ve chosen a x-fine wire dry fly hook in size #21. Now for the recipe.

CDC Split Wing Dun BWO #21
Hook: TMC Barbless Dry Fly Hook 903? #21
Thread: Olive Dun 8/0
Tail: 4 clear microfibbets split
Abdomen: 70 Denier Olive Brown Thread/
14/0 Griffiths White Thread Rib for segmentation
Coated in SHHAN and left to dry.
Thorax: Sparse Olive Scud Dubbing
Wings: 2 Natural Dun CDC Feathers Split with butt ends.
Head: Trimmed CDC ends

The wings can be coaxed upwards to fish dun style or coaxed downwards to fish spinner style I suspect.
Here are some different views.

More to come later

Josh McFadden

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One response to “CDC Split Wing BWO #21

  1. tnfishdaddy (@tnfishdaddy)

    November 27, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Nice looking fly. Noticed you are a teacher in East TN. I teach in Greene County.


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