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Dispatches From Canada

Hi there!

I’m Mat, and I’m Canadian.

First off, to dispel any misconceptions, we do not all live in igloos up here. And it does get quite warm. Even midway through September, we’re still getting temperatures up to 26°C.

Oh wait…we use the metric system. Let me convert that for you: 26°C x 1.8 + 32 = 78.8°F

So yeah. It’s September 14th and it’s 78.8°F.

Anyway, ’nuff about that.

I’m a fly fisherman.

And thanks to the wonders of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, I find myself writing for Mooseknuckle Lanyards once a week about fishing in Canada (and anywhere else my travels might take me).

Today, I’ll write about my home waters. Plural. Because we have a lot of them.

I might happen to live in possibly the greatest location for fly fishing anywhere. As I wrote on my site back in June:

Imagine a town with:

• smallmouth bass fishing within walking distance.

• muskie fishing within walking distance.

• river-run striped bass fishing within walking distance.

• sea-run brook trout within biking distance and/or 25 minutes’ drive.

• pickerel fishing within 20 minutes’ drive

• world-class Atlantic salmon fishing within an hours’ drive.

• striped bass in the salt in an hours’ drive.

• brown trout in an hours’ drive

• even more epic salmon & striped bass fishing within 4 hours’ drive.

So yeah. I consider those pretty good reasons to live here (or to come visit).

In fact, I’m off to go fishing. Right now.

Buy a lanyard & stay tuned for more dispatches from Canada from me, and contributions from other hunters & anglers throughout the blogosphere.

à la prochaine!*

(* – translation: until next time…Canada is officially bilingual. We’re cool like that)

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